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Professional. Reliable. Qualified Practitioners.

  • Home Management

    • ​Office Staff only with have access to the funds for the purpose of maintaining the home. Services include but not limited to meal shopping and bill pay

  • Light House Keeping

    • ​Caregiver up-keeping the cleaning of client apartment

  • Laundry Services

    • ​Caregiver will wash, dry, and fold laundry once a week for the client.

  • Meal Prep and Clean-Up Services

    • ​Caregiver will assist with light meal preparation at specified times of the day. 

  • Meal Services​​

    • ​Meals will be prepared off site and delivered to clients as ordered.

  • Doctor Escort Services

    • ​Caregiver will escort client to and from doctors’ appointments.

  • Wellness Check

    • ​Caregiver will complete wellness check and make sure that all is well. (max 15 min)

  • Bathing and Dressing Services

    • ​Caregiver will assist client to get in/out of shower and assist with bathing, drying, and dressing. (Maximum of 30 minutes)

  • Good Morning/Evening Services

    • ​Caregiver will assist client in the morning to help with getting out of bed, hygiene care, getting dressed, breakfast preparation, living quarters cleaning, calendar of event review and med reminder.

  • Emergency Assistance​

    • ​Urgent matter such as illness, a fall or other unplanned event a caregiver can be provided for assistance. (Maximum of 30 minutes)

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